This is Africa at it`s best 


Whether it is your first hunt on African soil, you want to bring your family and friends or wish to experience a classical big game hunt: WILD TRADITION is your support to find the right hunting areas, hunt with the best guides and be well prepared for your upcoming adventure in the bush. No matter where or what you wish to hunt in Africa, each hunt needs to be prepared thoroughly and well in advance. For many years now I have worked with some of the best people you can find to experience a hunting adventure you will never forget.

Imagine dramatic African landscapes combined with an enormous variety of wildlife. Imagine the deep roar of the king of beasts as the sun sets into the horizon while you enjoy a sun downer with your family and friends. 


Imagine looking up at an unforgettable star studded sky, the Southern Cross still twinkling as brightly as it did on explorers of centuries ago. 


Imagine your heard pounding away in your chest as you stalk up to a buffalo, your cross hair focused on your target, the smell of the beast thick in your nostrils, so close you can almost reach out and touch it. This is Africa; this is hunting at its best!