Challenging hunts in Spain


For nearly 40 years my partner in Spain has organized first class partridge shoots on their family estate located in Extremandura. This estate represents a hidden paradise for keen partridge hunters. It’s a highly challenging shoot located in a beautiful scenery combined with excellent service, food and accommodation – a traditional partridge shoot with a first class family run atmosphere. 

The 17.000 ha estate has its very own charm and breath-taking natural beauty. Wilderness areas, steep hills covered by evergreen oaks, rivers, lakes and open spaces make this area a very special, challenging and sportive place for partridge shoots. The shoot is organized by the owners themselves in collaboration with a great team of gamekeepers. Each guest has their personal loader during the hunt and can therefore purely focus on the challenging birds driven over their heads.

The private estate represents the perfect location to relax after a day out in the fields. Non-hunting observers are always welcome and will for sure enjoy the day just as much.