Traditional hunts in Scotland 

Stalking red deer in such a unique environment like the Scottish country side presents a challenge that has inspired sportsmen from all over the globe. A day in the Scottish hills ending with a successful stalk represents the reason for many hunters to travel to Scotland and hunt these magnificent beasts in their unspoiled environment. These unique and traditional Scottish hunts take place in some of the most breath taking locations in the world and a hunting trip there will undoubtedly be one of the most memorable hunts of your life.

From late summer into autumn stags can be hunted the traditional way – an all-day stalking adventure on the open hills that usually ends with a belly crawl to get into firing position in order to bag your memorable trophy that in turn will remind you about this unforgettable hunting experience. Your personal guide will involve you in this whole experience and together you’ll be working on finding a suitable beast. 

Not every hunter has the physical ability to master the difficult terrain, which is why a so called “woodland experience” can be arranged. This form of hunting usually takes place in the early morning and evening when stalking along the forest edge or hunting from high seats is conducted.  

Together with our partner, WILD TRADITION can offer Scottish hunting adventures in some of the most spectacular sporting estates with traditional cottage or castle accommodation – just contact me for further information and will make a plan for your very own unforgettable hunting experience in Scotland.