Tailored hunts in Tanzania

Tanzania is a beautiful and varied country with the finest wildlife habitat remaining in Africa today. The country has a relatively small human population, resulting in large wilderness areas with abundant game. The country and terrain vary enormously, from semi-desert in the North East, to open plains and thorn bush in the North; swamps in the North West; to Miombo woodland throughout the country. This unusual diversity creates ideal habitat for a wide variety of wildlife species. Three quarters of Tanzania’s land mass is wilderness, most of which is National Park, Game Reserve or Hunting Area. The Wilderness (and the Wildlife it contains) is not fenced. The animals know no boundaries – they move in and out of various hunting areas at will.

Tanzania is traditionally renowned for its exceptional hunting and excellent trophy quality. This country is home to the largest concentration of heavy maned Lion left in Africa, a very healthy Leopard population, vast herds of Buffalo as well as incomparably large varieties of plains game, including Roan antelope, Sable antelope, Eland, Greater Kudu and Sitatunga. Gerenuk, Lesser Kudu and Oryx occur throughout the semi-arid North East and Masai Bushbuck, Red duiker, Mountain Reedbuck and Suni can be found in suitable high altitude habitat.

The hunting season runs from 1st July through to 31st December. The driest months are July through October, when you can hunt throughout Tanzania. With the onset of the rainy season in November in the West of Tanzania, RHS tend to concentrate on the Northern blocks for the latter part of the season.

Each camp is equipped in the East African tradition with tentage and vehicles of the very highest quality and latest standards. You will not share your camp with any other guests. There are refrigerators, both in your camps and in your vehicles. All tents are roomy, insect-proof and secure. Your sleeping tent has an attached bathroom, dressing room and veranda. 

No hunting adventure is ever the same, the teams on the spot are highly professional and we will choose the most suitable hunting area individually to meet your request. All hunts in Tanzania are tailored to your very own requests and I am more than happy to discuss all details with you in person to make this an absolute unforgettable hunting adventure; I look forward to hear from you.