Traditional hunts in Europe


Hunting in Europe is part of the continent’s history. It is part of local custom and tradition and is widely practiced in all European countries. As languages and dialects differ from one European country to another, so do hunting traditions – in every region there is a different way to pursue the desired animal, a different way to pay the taken animal its "last respect" and even different "must-have" equipment for various hunts. 

Wild Tradition offers its guests an authentic hunting experience at selected locations across Europe. Thrilling driven wild boar hunts, challenging bird hunts and breath-taking mountain hunts can be enjoyed in a group or by single hunters. Non-hunters are always more then welcome to experience the different hunting traditions.

No hunt is ever the same! Wild Tradition organises and arranges each and every hunt on a very personal level. Have a look at the information provided on each hunting destination in Europe where Wild Tradition operates and don’t hesitate to contact me for further details.