Hunting in Austria


Austrian hunts vary greatly and can be organized in a way to suit all ages and physical conditions. Very sportive and challenging alpine hunts for chamois, mufflon and red deer as well as wild boar hunts that will make your adrenaline rush. Austria’s topography allows hunters to experience hunts in flatland as well as in rigid mountain areas. Wild Tradition, based in Austria, will find the perfect hunting match for you.

Hunts in Austria mainly take place on private estates allowing the guests to experience authentic traditional adventures during their search for the desired animal. Depending on what you wish to hunt during your stay the duration of your hunt may vary. For instance while driven wild boar hunts can be arranged for one or two days in close proximity to Vienna, alpine hunts for chamois, mufflon and red deer stag usually take three to five days. 

Wild Tradition will – in cooperation – with its partners arrange your accommodation in close proximity to or directly in the hunting areas; from five star hotels to basic but traditional hunting lodges. Letting you get to know Austrian hunting tradition, is one of Wild Tradition`s main focuses. Beautiful landscapes, demanding and exciting  hunts, enjoyable evenings with friends and family as well as mature trophies to remind you of your hunting adventure – that’s what hunting in Austria should be like.